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How to Host a Social Event in Boston at Back Bay Social

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Are you planning to host a gathering in the vibrant city of Boston? Look towards Back Bay Social as your go-to spot for an event. Offering an ambiance, delectable cuisine, and a wide selection of drinks, Back Bay Social stands out as the venue for all celebrations— birthdays, engagements, or corporate functions. Join us in this blog post as we walk you through the steps to seamlessly organize your event at Back Bay Social.

Choosing the Perfect Space

At Back Bay Social, we understand that every event is unique in its own way and requires the perfect setting to ensure its success. Our venue offers multiple areas that cater to different needs, each with its own distinct atmosphere. The Main Floor Buyout area is perfect for a lively and energetic gathering, while the Boylston High Tops area provides a comfortable and cozy ambiance for a more intimate affair. Additionally, check out the Down Bar to wow your guests! Depending on the size and nature of your event, you can select the space that best suits your requirements and desired atmosphere.

Plan the Menu

Back Bay Social takes pride in its delicious and diverse menu options. Work with their experienced event planner to curate a menu that will delight your guests. From mouthwatering appetizers and entrees to divine desserts, Back Bay Social offers various options for various dietary preferences and restrictions. Don't forget to select a few signature cocktails from their extensive drink menu to elevate the experience.

Personalize the Event with Decor

To create an enchanting atmosphere for your event, you can personalize the decor to match your theme or purpose. At Back Bay Social, you have the flexibility to bring your own decorations or work with your event planner to design a customized setting. Let your creativity flow with elegant floral arrangements, thematic centerpieces, banners, and balloons to transform the space according to your vision.

Spread the Word & Capture Memories at BBS

Once all of the details of your event are in place, it's time to spread the word and let your guests know when and where the festivities will take place. You can use popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create buzz. On the day of the event, arrive early to ensure that everything is set up according to plan. Once the party begins, let go of your worries and enjoy the company of your guests. Using a designated hashtag, you can capture the memories by hiring a professional photographer or encouraging guests to share their photos on social media. If you're looking to host a social event in Boston, Back Bay Social is the perfect venue. By following these steps and working closely with their experienced event planner, you can create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Get started planning your event at Back Bay Social by contacting our event planner today!