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What Determines if a Burger is "Well Done"?

a well done burger

If you're looking for a burger to be well done, our team at Back Bay Social has created the perfect guide to distinguish this cooked preference from the rest. Below, you will find three areas that determine if a burger is well done, the temperature at which it's cooked, the color on the inside, and its duration on the grill. Please continue reading to discover the details about each of these three measures!

The Temperature

It is recommended that ground meat be cooked between 160 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do this, your burger will be well-done, which means its center won't be pink. When grilling burgers, remember that the patties will continue cooking even after being removed from the grill due to residual heat. Therefore, you should remove them 5 to 10 minutes before they reach their ideal temperature. The thickest portion of the burger should register 150 - 155 degrees on a thermometer for well-done burgers.

The Color

With respectful mannerisms and table etiquette, the first thing you should do as your burger or steak arrives is cut it open down the middle. This is the easiest way to determine how cooked your meat is. If you're looking for a well-done burger, you will want to ensure you don't spot any pink sections throughout the meat. Some people may prefer a medium-well piece of meat, which is majority colorless with a few spots of pink. Anything more than a few spots of pink trails down to medium, medium rare, or rare. 

Its Duration on the Grill

This can take two and a half to five minutes per side, depending on the thickness of the patty. This depends on your preferred doneness and the temperature of the heat source. For thin patties, super smashing won't take long, but extra-thick ones may require a bit longer. Cheese should be topped on the patties at the last minute to prevent them from overcooking.

Contact Our Team at Back Bay Social

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